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How-to: Kale Juice With a Blender

I remember walking in London and peeking into these chic juice shops. A couple times, I went in. The whirring sounds of juicing, the colorful drinks, and the industrial feel – each delectable cup with its hefty price tag felt like a luxury. Of course, green juice is quite nutritious. However, if you are a […]

Tarnished Chloe Perfume

From Tarnished to Shine: Chloe Perfume

Floral. The hints of rose and honey made one of my current favorite fragrance:¬†Chloe. I fell in love with the scent at Sephora, but the price tag kept me away. So, when I received not one but two bottles as gifts, I was overjoyed. I use the smaller travel-sized bottle daily and tucked the larger […]