From Tarnished to Shine: Chloe Perfume

Floral. The hints of rose and honey made one of my current favorite fragrance: Chloe.

I fell in love with the scent at Sephora, but the price tag kept me away. So, when I received not one but two bottles as gifts, I was overjoyed. I use the smaller travel-sized bottle daily and tucked the larger one in a place freed of dangers: cool and dark.

Today, when I uncovered it while packing, I discovered the bottle (that I kept so safe) was badly tarnished. The shiny silver top was hidden under a murky black-teal coat.

Tarnished Chloe Bottle

After scouring the web, I found the tarnish-removal method with baking soda and aluminium foil to be quite common. It is basically a redox reaction (for those who are curious), and I was intrigued by the possibility of putting my chemical knowledge to use. Since heat can break down perfume, the idea of putting my new bottle near contact with the hot baking soda solution didn’t seem very brilliant after all.

Here comes the toothpaste method:

The toothpaste method

  1. Add toothpaste (I used Colgate MaxFresh) on to a Q-tip and lather it across the surface from side to side.
  2. Use a tissue to gently scrub away the tarnished layer. Definitely requires more work at the corners!
  3. Wet another tissue to clean the surface and then dry.

Simple, right? Most importantly, does it work?

Ta-daa! 🙂

Shiny Chloe Perfume Bottle

What happened? The toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients that scrub off the layer of silver sulphide, which was black. I read from Herman Silver that this might not be the ideal solution for your precious silver jewelry as the abrasion can cause scratches. However, with the gentle srubbing and a little patience, the removal didn’t leave any mark on my Chloe bottle! 🙂

Yay, I’m happy that the bottle returned to its original shine!

Have you tried removing tarnish from your perfume bottle? What’s your current favorite fragrance? I’d love to hear from you. 

Until next time! 🙂



    1. Thank you! 🙂


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